Fuel Your Function Bundle


The perfect bundle to fuel any occasion that comes your way. Each blend was intentionally designed with function in mind to provide a better buzz with benefits.

Sample pack includes 2 cans of HUSTLE, RELAX, PLAY, RESTORE.

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Pulp Culture vs. Others

Features Pulp Culture Non-Alc Beer Light Beer Hard Seltzer
Full Spectrum
Zero Sugar
Wild Fermented
No Added Sulfites
Calories 100 70 95 100
ABV 4.9% 0% 3.8% 5%

Why you'll love Pulp Culture


Every Pulp Culture beverage is crafted with:
- 2 super fruits
- 2 super foods
- 1 super mushroom


It's just juice. Fermented.
We use 100% raw, fresh juice that naturally ferments over 3 months.


Each can contains 6 billion CFU's of live probiotics. No need for scoby in our process. We rely on mother nature.

What are people saying about Pulp Culture

"My go-to drink!

Almost 30 and those headaches are too real. These are the best."

-Kaylee G.

"In this land of products devoid of nutrition, there are some diamonds in the rough. So tasty and so much better for the immune system."


"I have become obsessed with Pulp Culture. Currently loving the Relax drink when I want to wind down and treat myself."